Mallzee is a new online shopping experience ,where you can create your own personalized online shopping mall,share it with your friends,chat with them and ask them their opinion about your buys as you shop. There are more than 200 brands working with Urban Outfitters,New Look and Feel Unique to name a few). Another aspect that makes Mallzee so appealing-to me at least- is the integration of Facebook chat to create polls and browsing friends wardrobes.

How does it work?

You pick your favourite brands and shops and their software finds products that match your personal style and showcases them in of cake! Then the only thing is left to do is start shopping at discounted prices negotiated by Mallzee.

Moreover there are some ''extra'' bonuses.When you invite your friends, you as the ''owner'' of your Mallzee will earn money every time someone buys something from your ''mall'', including you.What's better than shopping and getting money back!?

Mallzee will launch later this year and is all about making shopping online social,fun, cheaper and a whole lot better, but you can still sign in for an exclusive pre-launch invite plus, a chance to win £100 buy visiting

So what are you waiting for?

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