ONCE UPON A TIME: Behind the Fairy Tale of Princess Kelly and Prince Rainier

As a little girl I was always fascinated with princes, princesses, castles and fairy tale endings. No wonder that Cinderella was my favourite fairytale as a kid. So when I grew up and came across this book I couldn't resist and bought it.

Randy Taraborrelli, the author, explores the life of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier before their marriage in 1956 as well as their lives after the marriage until Kelly's dramatic accident in 1982.

When I started reading the book I was so jealous of their dream wedding, which was called ''the wedding of the century'' but as I read along I was feeling sorry for Grace Kelly.She was found contentment in the life she chose to live. Even now that I am writing these lines I can't help it but feel sorry for the woman who was so beautiful and talented and the only thing she ever wanted was to be loved. A trip to Monaco and Prince Rainier seemed to be what she needed to live her fairytale. Instead she ended up signed for the role of Princes Grazia Patrizia that accommodated her until the end of her life.

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