It'a all about the 'ings'

This season is all about the ''ings''. Leggings, treggings and jeggings dominate everyone's wardrobe. But what's the difference between them and how to wear them?

  1. Fairisle Pattered
  2. Helmut Lang Bronze
  3. Grey

Leggings are super tight fitting styles and they are around practically forever. You can wear leggings under shorts skirt and dresses or with a tunic for an everyday casual look.

Treggings are the updated version of leggings.They look like trousers but they fit like leggings. They are great for work providing everlasting comfort. Wear them at work with a blazer for a smart,edgy look.

Jeggings are for those who love the look of jeans but also the comfort of leggings. They are the perfect cross between jeans and leggings. Some designs have detailed pockets and resemble jeans even more. A slouchy jumper or a cosy knit with jeggings is perfect for a relaxed weekend look.

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