On a warm summer night, while drinking beers and eating nachos, among other random stuff, my boyfriend suggested that we cannot use any touch screen device by wearing woolen gloves.  I didn't believe him and of course I started arguing with him. Unfortunately for me he was right.  I wondered for a couple of minutes(!) how I would use my phone during the cold winter days but then I had totally forgotten about it.

A couple of weeks ago I came home to find a silver envelope waiting for me. I hadn't ordered anything online so I was curious of what it was. I opened it and I found a pair of Etre's FIVEPOINT gloves. They were so soft and stylish and the best thing was that I could use all my touch screen devices. They are very precise and even though my wildfire's screen is pretty small I had no problem writing precise texts. They fit true to size and they keep you so warm and cosy.  They are a bit pricey (they retail for £40) but they definitely worth their money. They are of great quality and solely made in the UK.

Timeless and durable the Etre FIVEPOINT gloves are going to keep you a warm company on the cold winter days when you are on the go.

You can find them in ETRE SHOP as well as in Selfridges ,YMC and Tomorrowland.

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