Just Fab -UK edition

I guess that most of you have already heard about JustFab.com, but for those who haven't JustFab is a monthly subscription service, where you take a fashion quiz and then they create your personal boutique from which you can shop. Till recently JustFab was only available in US and Germany, but now it has also launched in UK.

Created by Simora Lee Simmons, with a group of fashion experts Just Fab offers a great variety of shoes, handbags and accessories.

The site gives two membership options-you can either be a VIP member and pay £35 for each pair of shoes/handbag (every month a purchase needs to be made, unless you skip the month,then no charges will be applied), or you can be a Pay as you go member and pay £49-£69 for one item-depending on the item.

Coat Check

Black, white, red...Military, biker, leather, fur...Coats are THE winter essentials and they are a must to everyone's wardrobe. As fashion evolves, the classically elegant coat that Audrey Hepburn wore at Breakfast at Tiffany's turned into a revolutionary design by modern fashion designers.

None the less, no matter how many years pass by the all time classic question remains: What is the perfect coat for me. It must e stylish, in fashion, warm and cosy and of course it must have the perfect fit. Here are a few to choose from:

  1. High shine wadded Jacket-www.next.co.uk
  2. Luxury Mac-www.next.co.uk
  3. Zara Leather Jacket
  4. military jacket APC
  5. Red Melton Coat-www.warehouse.co.uk
  6. Mlitary Jacket

Which one represents YOUR style?

It'a all about the 'ings'

This season is all about the ''ings''. Leggings, treggings and jeggings dominate everyone's wardrobe. But what's the difference between them and how to wear them?

  1. Fairisle Pattered Leggings-www.next.co.uk
  2. Helmut Lang Bronze Treggings-www.my-wardrobe.co.uk
  3. Grey Jeggings-www.boohoo.com

Leggings are super tight fitting styles and they are around practically forever. You can wear leggings under shorts skirt and dresses or with a tunic for an everyday casual look.

Treggings are the updated version of leggings.They look like trousers but they fit like leggings. They are great for work providing everlasting comfort. Wear them at work with a blazer for a smart,edgy look.

Jeggings are for those who love the look of jeans but also the comfort of leggings. They are the perfect cross between jeans and leggings. Some designs have detailed pockets and resemble jeans even more. A slouchy jumper or a cosy knit with jeggings is perfect for a relaxed weekend look.

These boots are made for walking

Even though I love my ballet flats now that the weather is getting colder I cannot wear them any more.So during the cold months of Fall and Winter I rely on my boots to keep me warm and fashionable.

Ugg boots

Maybe the ugliest boots ever but they are so warm and cosy. Pair them with skinny jeans and a jumper or with leggings/tights and a dress for a more girly look.

Biker Boots

The trend for motorcycle boots continues this season. They are fashionable and they give a rock essence to any outfit. Show your tough side by wearing them.


Comfortable and chic I wear them day to night. With jeans, shorts, leggings and dresses, wedges are the perfect boot to give some height to all  fashionistas who find it difficult to walk on high heels, or to those who want the height in more casual occasions.

Welly Boots 

The truth is that welly boots are not the warmer boots to wear but the can keep you dry on a rainy day. You can also add ''welly socks'' to warm you a little bit. Welly boots are also a good way to put some colour to your outfits.