Let's get fit

Every year, one of my New Year's resolutions, is to get fit.  I know it sounds cliché but that is the truth. However, for a weird reason that I cannot quite explain (maybe because I prefer the comfort of my sofa), I never make it to the gym.  One of the many excuses I make up, is that I never find cute, motivating(!) gym clothes( how stupid is that) to wear.  So this year I have searched and found some cute, colourful and trendy sportswear to motivate me enough  to go to the gym. 

  1. Nike Pink Pro Bra
  2. Adidas Stella McCartney Bag
  3. Adidas Hoody
  4. Nike Free running trainers
  5. Adidas Golf bag
  6. Cobalt t-shirt 
  7. Printed Capri
  8. Track Top
  9. Stella McCartney Gym Bra Top
Do you work out? And if yes how often?  What do you wear at the gym?

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