We Love:Shopbevel

I am always on the search for new online destinations and this time I came across Shopbevel.com. Shopbevel is an online website where you can submit your designs if you are a designer or just buy the creations of others.

How it works:
Designers (or basically anyone) submit their designs, then the community (that is you) vote for their favourite designs and shopbevel makes sure to manufacture the winning designs. Shopbevel then sells the winner designs and the designers are rewarded.

The designs are great and I found it hard to chose from the vast selection they have. Moreover there are some very affordable pieces. For example this Sailor knot Bib that costs only 20$.
Another favourite of mine is this Ombre Rose Bib as well as this Neon Leather Wrap.

FUN COUTURE readers can have 25% off by using the code BBSTUDS.

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