I have always enjoyed using face scrubs as part of my everyday skincare routine. I guess I really like the idea of deep cleansing and de-clogging of my pores. The truth is that I have tried my fair share of face scrubs but I never seemed to find the right one.  That was until I discovered the Scrubatomic from Soap & Glory.

First of all I felt in love with its rich smell of peaches. After using it, it leaves my face fresh and smooth, mainly because of the Shea Butter and the antioxidants from Peach and Goji Berry. It is quite a harsh scrub and even though it's supposed to be a daily scrub I am not using it more than a couple of times per week. It is one of those scrubs that you can see results after the first use and since I am quite an inpatient person, I was very glad about it.

You can find it at Boots (£9,00) or you can order it online from Amazon.

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