Christmas Gift Guide for HIM

In 32 days it's Christmas, so start getting ready girls! As Christmas is approaching I have planned some very festive posts, so stay tuned for those. For my first post I am sharing with you my Christmas gift guide for men.

No matter what your budget is, there is something for everyone. And remember it's the thought that you put into it that counts and not how  much you are going to spend on a gift.

Let's start from the more affordable options: Jack & Jones underwear and NEXT Cufflinks. Not much to say about these.

Moving on...what would you get a guy who likes to take care of his skin and looks after himself? Of course a toiletry bag and a DIOR Fahrenheit Aftershave balm.

Then we have the adventurer/sporty guy who will get excited to get a new pair of sneakers and a new backpack.(By the way this backpack can fit everything, so there is plenty of room to put your stuff in there too!)

The last two gifts are for every guy. Who wouldn't want a brand new cell phone or an I.N.O.X night vision watch. 

I can still not get over my boyfriend's excitement when he received his OnePlus One cell phone.

As for the I.N.O.X night vision watch I don't have much to say. From where should I start and where to finish!. Do I even have to point out its classy and stylish design, or its durability? You can read everything about I.N.O.X here.

I hope you enjoyed this Christmas guide. Come back tomorrow for the ''Christmas Gift guide for HER''.

I partnered with the brand to write this article but every word is mine

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