When it comes to my hair, I am the laziest person ever.  I do not use hair masks or conditioners and sometimes I do not use heat protectant when I style my hair with hot tools.  When I first came across the Kerastase Elixir I was a bit skeptical.  I have oily hair so I was afraid that an oil is not the wisest thing to use, but I was wrong.  The truth is that I am in love with this product.

It is light enough so you can use it daily and it leaves your hair smooth and shiny without any oil residues. I use it on wet hair as a leave-on hair mask or after I straighten my hair to minimize the frizz and add some shine.

However it is silicone-based and a bit pricey but I am willing to overlook these, because it leaves my hair soft and it also smells amazing!

Have you tried it out? Let me know in the comments what you think about it.  

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