Got cellulite? You are not alone.  About 80% of women are faced with this nightmare at a point in their life. Everyone talks about cellulite, especially this time of the year.  We all freak out about it and it is a woman's number 1 enemy, especially during the summer months.  There are all sort of remedies and treatments that promise to eliminate it but what is fact and what fiction?

Myth # 1: Only fat women have cellulite 
This is simply not true.  No matter how thin of thick you are, you can have cellulite.  It is not the amount of fat that causes its appearance but rather the connective fibers between the skin and the muscle that create the lumpy texture.  Losing weight can help minimize the effect slightly, but it cannot disappear it.

Myth # 2: Exercise can prevent cellulite
Cardio alone cannot help. Neither exercises that target specific areas.  However a combination of aerobic training and weight lifting can improve the appearance of the lumpy skin.

Myth # 3: Men do not have cellulite
Maybe my all time favorite myth.  Guys CAN have cellulite.  So next time he makes silly remarks about your 'problem' let him know that he is also a candidate for it.

Myth # 4: Tanning reduces the appearance of cellulite
Getting tanned does not reduce its appearance, in the contrary it can make it worse (experience talking!)

Myth # 5: Firming creams reduce cellulite
Even though they promise a lot, they do not provide any improvement when used on their own.  A combination of healthy eating, exercise and the creams give higher probabilities in winning  the battle against cellulite.

I hope you found this post helpful.  I have been struggling with cellulite with all my life (and I am just 28!) and what I have learnt is that the best way to fight it, is to accept your body and the way you look.  I will never look like a Victoria's Secret model and honestly I wouldn't care less (do you know what they have to go through to look like that?!)


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